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PW 2.0 Transcendence: Change Name Service

  At last the item that you have been waiting for! Stone of Language – The stone that’s able to cut off earthly things. The one who owns this stone can go to Dragon City North Ghost Guzi to use the Change Name Service.   1. Talk to Ghost Guzi in Dragon City North (571, 686) and choose Change Name Service. Make sure that you have the the Stone of […]

PW 2.0 Transcendence: Silver Stream Palace

  PW 2.0 Transcendence introducing new dungeon: The Silver Stream Palace. It is design which has several rooms. Each room has unique environment setup separating four major bosses. Requirements: 1. Finish reawakening and enter Primal World 2. Must be at least level 100 3. Must be at least Arcane Sky I Entrance: Talk to NPC, Emerald Spellcaster at Blue Dragon Platforn (325, 530). Meteroid Church In a heavy axe that spent […]

PW 2.0 Transcendence: Primal World

Perfect World 2.0 newest expansion, Transcendence, reveal a brand new world map – Primal World. After heroes reincarnate into the world again, they begin a new journey into the Primal World for a new realm of adventure. Tyrant’s Imperial Army Fortress As the war between the Lord Tyrant and Light Emperor, the powerful Light Emperor’s Sword fallen into the hands of Tyrant Prince. Affected by its power, he gathered his […]

PW 2.0 Transcendence: Primal Skills

To craft new skills you must first enter Primal World by following the purple quest chain “New Horizons – Summer Reawakened”. Once you enter Primal World, you must do your Arcane and Mirage Sky quests (from the Sacred Mirror NPC), and level them accordingly. The books will require you to exchange Old Book Pages for Arcane/Adv. Arcane and Mirage/Adv. Mirage Pages (at the Sacred Cauldron). You also need Primordial Blood. […]

PW 2.0 Transcendence: Rebirth Guide

Requirements: 1. Level 100+ 2. Esteem: Sublime / Diabolic or highger 3. Not in transformation status 4. Stone of Love: Restoration (acquired from quest) Reawakening Quest 1. Talk to General Xia Feng in DC South (521, 629). Take the New Horizon – Summer Reawakened Quest.   2. Go to Primal World Messenger in DC South (546, 625). Choose the first option in the list to answer correctly.   3. Get […]