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Trade Em Up: BoxBox Edition (Oct`2016)

Mechanics: 1.) Players can trade their Mooncake Basket(divisible by 25) for BOX OF THE DAY. 10/21/2016: Divine Beast Stone 10/22/2016: Dawn Glows 10/23/2016: Sky Phantom 10/24/2016: Armory Pack 10/25/2016: Gold Snake Flying *Mooncake Basket can be purchased in Item Mall. Sample Table 25 Mooncake Basket = 30 BOX OF THE DAY 50 Mooncake Basket = 65 BOX OF THE DAY 75 Mooncake Basket = 95 BOX OF THE DAY 100 Mooncake Basket = 130 BOX […]

October Item Mall Update

  Available for a limited time only is our Mooncake Basket. Our lucky box will be in our Item Mall starting this October 17, 2016 all the way until November 22, 2016. You can also get these new fashion items in Mooncake Basket. Butterfly Knot Pack and Classical Hipster Gift Set Our latest fashion this October! Shinebright Set for male and Dark Diva Set for female.

October Events

Enjoy the following events starting October 10! <Monday> Auspicious Phoenix Event (6:00PM) The GM will summon the NPC Astrology Guru in Dragon City Upper Left Map (530,682) get the quest. After 10 minutes the Auspice Fire Phoenix will spawn Dragon City South(552,602,↑38). Players should kill the Phoenix to obtain the Auspice Treasure Chest. Complete 5 Auspice Treasure Chest to get the Phoenix Slayer Title. Soulless Summoning Event (6:30PM) The GM will summon mobs […]

Let’s Play with Load Central on October 8!

Are you ready to play? Mark your calendars this October 8, 2016, Saturday because Load Central Let’s Play is holding a party at the Skydome, SM North. Playpark will be there to play with you. Here’s a rundown of our events. Event 1: Top up bundle & Raffle Bonanza Enjoy exclusive deals and freebies when you buy load at the event. Top-up Bundle For every Php 3,000 Level Up! load […]

Trade Em Up

Server: Phoenix Date: Sept 30, 2016 / 5:00pm – 7:00pm