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Playpark XP Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the all the winners of our Raffle Bonanza at the Playpark XP last November 14. Below is the list of prizes left unclaimed by our Raffle Winners at the event. If you see your Perfect World PH raffle stub number in the list below, you need to submit to the Perfect World PH team your information. To claim your prize, just follow these simple steps: 1. File a […]

The More the Merrier

The More the Merrier    Event Name:              The More the Merrier Event Type:               Territorial Wars Event Duration:        November 21, 2015 – February 9, 2016 (23:59 Hrs) Event Version:          1.0   Event Mechanic The 5 Clans who hold the most Territory during the last day of the event will be declared as the winner. In case of Tie no prizes will be given.   Example 1: Clan A: 8 Clan B: […]

Phoenix Warlord – There can only be 1!

Phoenix Warlord – There can only be 1! It is time to name the ONLY 1 Phoenix Warlord. Let’s see on November 14, 2015 at the Playpark XP who will be the Phoenix Warlords as 2 Clans will battle it out to be named at the ONE! Come and join us and watch it live! Will it be the Mastermind or the Exiled to reign supreme?

Rewards Plus – Let’s GOW! [Nov 6 ~ Nov 13]

  Let’s GoW! Here’s your chance to be as close as possible in attaining those GoW tablets. If your purchase from the item shop reached 100,000 Gold or more from November 6 12:01 AM until November 13 11:59PM, 2015 you will be rewarded with “A tablet Set”. For example: If your purchases from the Item Shop reached 100,000 Gold. You will be rewarded with “A Tablet Set”: A Tablet set […]

Item Mall Update November 02, 2015

  Haven Deity Reel     Activate this item and randomly get one of the following below:   Perfect Plus Scrip Perfect Doubleplus Scrip Platinum Hierogram Platinum Amulet Stone of Resilience Stone of Penetration Blue-Sea Soul Stone Limitless Soul Stone Spirit Pack Vision Pack Frost Seal of Arms Holy-Moon Seal – Defense Holy-Moon Seal – Attack Holy-Moon Wings of Victory ☆Wings of Pegasus Artifact Soul (0.1%) Proof of Champion Warsong […]