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Saturday Double Header – Cebu & Laguna!

Saturday is action packed with all two amazing events! On January 31, 2015, Level Up! brings you IGNITE at Cebu and SaLU Salo at Laguna. Exciting goodies, challenging tournaments and a whole day of fun activities will be waiting for you at these venues. Save the date! CEBU IGNITE – JANUARY 31 Cafe Name: Voyager Internet Cafe Cafe Address: Talamban Cebu City Head on down to the beautiful city of […]

Scavenger Hunt: The Search is on!

Speed, intellect and the ability to beat out the competition is what you’ll need to bring to our upcoming Scavenger Hunt! Mechanics In game, the GM will be announcing special items that players must collect. Be the first player to trade the special items with the GM and you will win prizes. The GM will be announcing the map the GM is hiding but not the exact location. Schedule – […]

Pyrolympics 2015!

This Chinese New Year will be welcomed with a bang with the opening of the Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015. Calling all the masters of this ancient art, share with the Perfect World community your clan’s skill and creativity in this contest that will surely light up the sky. MECHANICS The Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015 is open to all Perfect World Clans. Beginning Jan 15, 2015 until Feb 2, 2015 (11AM), […]

PWPH Advisory – Clan Masters Meeting 2015!

Good day Heroes! Calling the attention of all the Perfect World PH Clan Masters!!! A Clan Masters Meeting will be conducted this 2015. To prepare for this, the PWPH team asks the Clan Masters to fill out this registration form ( CLICK HERE ).  We will be needing your information to coordinate and to organize plans for Clan Masters Meeting. Take note that this form should be completed ONLY by […]

Dragon City Attack and Soulless Invasion!

We’re going all out this Monday – Jan 12 2015 – with two awesome events. So gear up for Monday. Dragon City Attack Rules At 6PM (Jan 12 2015), monsters will be summoned around Dragon City. Defeat the monsters and defend the city with all your might. All the treasure left behind by the monsters are yours for the taking. Soulless Monster Summoning Rules Monsters will be summoned to random […]