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Alignment Emissary

Changing esteem is now easy but it comes with a price.


1.) Must be Demon or Immortal
2.) Must have an Alignment Shifter. (Can be created by completing The Alignment Shifter quest – requires anAlignment Shifter Mold and 200 Immortal Stones)


1.) Take the From Dark to True (For Demon characters) or From True to Dark (For Immortal characters) quest from the Alignment Emissary (Universal City 121 858)

Dark to True

True to Dark
2.) Purchase an Alignment Shifter Mold
3.) Take the The Alignment Shifter quest from the Alignment Emissary (Universal City 121 858) to receive an Alignment Shifter. (You need an Alignment Shifter Mold and 200 Immortal Stones)

4.) Speak with the Alignment Emissary and select the Alignment Services option. If you have the requisites, you can click the Shift button to change alignment.

Changed Esteem

Esteem Success

Choice again


1.) All of your True or Dark skills will revert to their Rank 10 versions.
2.) Basic Immortal or Demon skills (Such as Burst) will automatically switch to their opposite version.
3.) Special Class Skills (Such as Moment’s Edge, Seal of God, etc.) will remain unchanged.


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