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Event Title: New lottery box, fashion and mount

Blurb: Item Mall Update – Aug 2, 2011: New Lottery Box

Greetings Heroes of Pangu!

Our latest Item Mall update today brought Warden Fashions and a new mount that would make the most vicious raptor even redder with envy! Black is always “IN” after all and this Black Raptor doesn’t fail.

The Perfect Scratch N Win had it’s turn and now we bring you the Heaven’s Spirit Cache lottery box. Goodbye to the Mammoth and say hello to the Turkey (good enough to eat)!

Contents of the new LOTTERY BOX:

  • Perfect scrip
  • Perfect double plus scrip
  • Platinum Amulet
  • Platinum hierogram
  • Stone of penetration
  • Stone of resilience
  • Red-eye soulstone
  • Blue-sea soulstone
  • Limitless soulstone
  • Frost Seal of Arms
  • Holy-Moon Seal – Attack
  • Holy-Moon Seal – Defense
  • Holy-Moon Wings of Victory
  • Wings of Pegasus
  • SwordSoul Relic
  • Divine Scroll
  • Spirit Chest
  • Vision Chest
  • Proof of Champion
  • Warsong Commander’s Badge
  • Seal of the Board
  • Script of Fate
  • Stone of Xuan Yuan
  • Stone of NuWa
  • Goldfeather Bird Egg
  • Ether Feather
  • Stone of the Jungle

The question remains. Are you a lucky person?

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