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Event Title: Christmas Item Mall Update

Blurb: Item Mall Update – December 20, 2011

Greetings Heroes of Pangu!

Would you like to treat yourself to an upgraded gear or gears or perhaps a rare item for all the hard work you put in over the past year! Either way, our Christmas IM Upgrade will fill your heart with glee when you see how exciting the fashions are and how useful the items happen to be!

Upgrading Discount

Items Price
Old Price Discounted Price
Heaven Stone 150 115
Heaven Stone  (10) 1350 1015
Underworld Stone 150 115
Underworld Stone (10) 1350 1015

Also this Christmas, we explore the Tideborne legacy again as we open Coral treasures for that rare prize.

Coral Star Lottery Box
Perfect Plus Scrip
Perfect Double Plus
Platinum Amulet
Platinum Hierogram
Stone of Penetration
Stone of Resilience
Red Eye Soulstone
Blue Sea Soulstone
Limitless Soulstone
Frost Seal of Arms
Holy-Moon Seal – Attack
Holy-Moon Seal – Defense
Holy-Moon Wings of Victory
Wings of Victory
Wings of Pegasus
SwordSoul Relic
Divine Scroll
Spirit Chest
Vision Chest
Flyer’s Legacy
Proof of Champion
Warsong Commander’s Badge
Stamp of the Board
Script of Fate
Stone of Xuan Yuan
Stone of NuWa
Cage of Kings Mount

The snowmen and the snow will fall once again and Christmas lights will light up the town. So log out early on December 20, 2011 to prevent account related issues.

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