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New Lottery Box for the month of March 2012!

See what’s in store for you!

Say hello to Endless Freedom Vouchers!

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Contents of the new LOTTERY BOX:

1. Perfect Plus Scrip
2. Perfect Doubleplus Scrip
3. Platinum Amulet
4. Platinum Hierogram
5. Clan Assistance Box
6. Stone of Penetration
7. Stone of Resilience
8. Red-Eye Soul Stone
9. Blue-Sea Soul Stone
10. Limitless Soul Stone
11. Frost Seal of Arms
12. Holy-Moon Seal – Defense
13. Holy-Moon Seal – Attack
14. Holy-Moon Wings of Victory
15. ★Wings of Pegasus
16. Artifact Soul
17. Divine Scroll
18. Flight Ticket
19. Proof of Champion
20. Warsong Commander’s Badge
21. Seal of the Board
22. Scroll of Heaven’s Mandate
23. Mount Token 1
24. Mount Token 2
25. Mount Token 3
26. Nu Wa’s Stone
27. Xuan Yuan’s Stone
28. Stone of the Jungle
29. ★★Matchless Wings
30. ★★Hand of Heaven Dominion
31. ★★Hand of the Skystriker

New Fashion Release this March!

The Sexy Starlet and the Leopard Rocker!

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The question remains. Are you a lucky person?

Endless Freedom Vouchers is available from March 13 until 29 only.

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