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Join the Disaster Valley Mission!

MECHANICS Open to all PW players with a level of 50 until 85 Form a team of no more than five (5) members. Head to the King-Yu Slope (442 405). Register your team in the LINK provided by the PWPH team to be counted among the participants of the event. If no or a limited number of participants register, the PWPH team may decide to accept walk in participants. Each […]

Trade ‘Em UP!

MECHANICS: 1.) Player must buy a DB5 from the Item Mall. 2.) To get a free +1, player must trade the item of choice along with the DB5. 3.) The number of pcs of DB5 traded will be the number of free +1 upgrades. Maximum upgrade for an item is +8. Example: • Player trades in a +7 accessory and a DB5. Player will receive a +8 accessory (same item). […]

Trade OR Dye – this October 2014!

MECHANICS Collect Dyes GMs will appear in-game from 4pm to 6pm. Those who will join should be ready with their dyes in their inventory. The prize will be awarded to the player who trade with the GM so make sure you don’t use dummy characters. Once the GM is online, he will announce where the trading location will be. The player can trade items based on the Exchange rate table […]

LU IGNITE blazes a trail this Oct 4!

It’s going to be a Super Saturday this October 4, 2014 with all the items and freebies you can get. Head on down to San Pedro and join in the fun. Get more from your every load with our special BUNDLING PROMO! For every 100 LU Load or 3,000 LU Load you purchase at the venue, you must top up the load and convert it to Perfect World PH Gold […]

Dragon City Attack!

End your September with a BANG! At 6PM today (Sept 30 2014), monsters will be summoned around Dragon City. Defeat the monsters and defend the city with all your might. All the treasure left behind by the monsters are yours for the taking. Good luck Heroes! Event Rules: • The GM team will not be responsible for any loss – EXP, item, etc – experienced during participation in this event. […]