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Player Name:  Teppie Exiled

Character Name:  Teppie
Server:  Tiger
Class:  Yu-Mang
Clan:  Exiled Tulis
Month/Year started playing:  3 years almost

Other Questions:

When did you start playing Perfect World?

Why do you love Perfect World?
Not really love pero maganda kasi interface and game play ng PW kaya nakaka enganyo mag laro.

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
Dragon City South Bank

What are the features that you like best in the game?
-literal na Perfect World

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
Favorite Location: DC South Bank

Your dream achievement?
-4 slots armor set! Haha
-Rank 8

Your accomplishments?
I have  stable clan. Hahaha,, NPC kasi ako nung una eh (No Permanent Clan).

EXILED the best!

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
Fa Shih Janepher imba to eh.. hahaha

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
Clan Pictorials. xD

Most embarrassing in-world moment?
Wala na ko matandaan. xD

What made you choose your class?
PvP killer (sabi ng karamihan din). Pero ako im still weak.. =(

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
Patay tayo dito hahaha.. secret na lang.

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?