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Crafting Overview

Perfect World boasts quite a robust crafting feature, allowing players to craft almost all of the equipment they’ll be using in their adventures in the Perfect World.

The benefits of crafting are far too great for a player to ignore. Equipment crafted by players have a chance to be far more superior than any of the equipment you can buy from NPC’s, and sometimes they can even be far superior compared to those dropped by monsters, even bosses.

Whenever a player crafts equipment, the resulting item is always random. The ff. is the possibilities of properties a crafted equipment can posses:

  • Equipment Grade:
    General equipment quality is denoted by 2 main things: 

    • Equipment Grade – Stars
      One star equipment are items possessing the base stats (Def, Atk, MDef, etc.) of said equipment. Two star equipment are those items which posses a higher base and max value than their one star counterpart. Three stars are the pinnacle of equipment quality, giving you the highest possible base and max stats for that particular equipment.
    • Equipment Grade – Name Color
      The color of the equipment names also gives players an idea of the equipments quality. 

      • White equipment names, means the item is normal, giving you the base and max value for its “star” value (applies only to 1 and 2 star items).
      • Equipment whose names are light purple, boast special bonuses or abilities for that equipment (applies only to 1 and 2 star items).
      • Equipment names whose color is deep violet are 3 star equipments, which guarantee 1 or more special bonuses or abilities.
      • Equipment names whose color is yellow-orange, red, and green are special equipment (also known as legendary equipment) which can only be crafted with the aid of special items found from dungeons, bosses, and quests.
  • Special Abilities and Bonuses:
    In addition to the base stats of an equipment, crafted gear may have anywhere from 1 to multiple special abilities and bonuses. These abilities and bonuses include, but are not limited to: 

    • Additional stats (+Str, +Dex, etc.)
    • Increased attributes (HP, MP, Eva, hit, etc.)
    • Additional base, and max stats (aside from the stats given by the equipment grade)
    • Additional durability
    • Lowered requirements
    • Special Abilities (increase exp gain, deals double damage, increased range, chance to stun, etc.)
  • Equipment Slots
    Crafted gear also have a chance to have anywhere from 1 to multiple slots. These slots allow a player to attach special items called soul stones which provide additional abilities (see upgrading guide).

Crafting in Perfect World NEVER fails. The abilities and equipment grade are simply a matter of luck, there no stats, item, or class in game which affects this.

Should you end up crafting unwanted or extra equipment (no ability, one star, etc.); you can always sell them to another player seeking that kind of item, or sell it to an NPC’s for yuan giving you funds for your other in-game needs such as teleporting, potions, etc.

Another thing you can do with unwanted or extra crafted equipment is to break them down. Breaking down piece of equipment provides you with special ingredients used refining equipment, as well as special ingredients used for another form of crafting called Pharmacy (see below).

Pharmacy, unlike equipment crafting, allows you to produce rare and powerful potions and charms that greatly help you in your quests, PvP and even Territorial war. Majority of these special potions and charms can only be produced with items you acquire from breaking down crafted equipment.

The resulting product and byproduct are not the only benefits of crafting. Each time you craft, you not only gain crafting Exp, but you gain actual Level Exp, and Soul. It is very possible for you to level up just by crafting alone!