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Snugglepalooza Results!

Love and teamwork filled the airwaves of Perfect World PH. Each server pulled together to celebrate unity and take a shot at winning awesome boosts for their servers! Congratulations to TIGER Server on winning overall. 2nd place goes to DRAGON server. While SERPENT server takes the 3rd place. As winners, each server will receive boosts according to rank. 56 pairs in Tiger Server 40 pairs in Dragon Server 12 pairs […]

Pyrolympics 2015 Screenshot Event Winners!

This Chinese New Year was welcomed with a bang by our Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015. All the masters of this ancient art brought life to the skies of Perfect World PH – showcasing their clan’s skill and creativity. Using snapshots of the different clan’s presentations, Heroes from all over created their own special Chinese New Year commemorative card in the PYROLYMPICS 2015 SCREENSHOT EVENT. Among all the entries, these three […]

February Mysterious Bundle!

Here’s your chance to pump up your Hero with our Mysterious Bundle! Get FREE Mysterious Chips when you top up. Eligibility : Promo is open to all Perfect World Philippine players. Start Date: Feb 24, 2015 (1PM) End Date: Mar 1, 2015 (11:59PM) Our latest top up bundle gives you more value for your top up. Simply load up your Perfect World account to get your free items. Top Up […]

Snugglepalooza 2015!

Mechanics All PW players may join. Participants must attend with their partner. Partners must be a boy and girl character. All participants must wear any RED Fashion Sets. Mixed red fashion sets are allowed. If you’re not wearing a RED Fashion Set, then your participation will not be counted. Participants with their partner must be at the Peach Blossom before their scheduled time. Fall in line properly. Wait for the […]

Friday Night Madness!

We’re going all out this Friday with two awesome events. So buckle up and get ready to hunt! Dragon City Attack At 6PM, monsters will be summoned around Dragon City. Defeat the monsters and defend the city with all your might. All the treasure left behind by the monsters are yours for the taking. Soulless Monster Summoning Monsters will be summoned to random locations (soulless summoning). Players must kill the […]