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Perfect World Events at the Playpark XP

Playpark XP: Perfect World Events   A. Clan Attendance   ELIGIBILITY: All Perfect World PH Clans are welcome to join. Each member who signs the attendance sheet must be a certified Clan member of the Clan he/she is signing-up with. Take note, allied Clans can NOT sign up/register under each other’s clan.   MECHANICS: The Clan Master, Officer or representative must register their Clan at the booth. Each member must […]

Halloween Boost!

The spook-fest begins in Pan Gu with this year’s special Halloween Boost! Enjoy double the fun this Halloween season. More EXP, More SOUL, More DROP and of course More FUN. Boost begins on October 26, 2015 and ends on November 2, 2015. During the event period, boost event starts at 12:00NN and ends on 1:59AM.

Item Mall Update October 19, 2015

Sky Phantom Update Check out the latest update in the Item Mall from October 19, 2015 ~ November 2, 2015 only. Grab them all while it last. Buy Sky Phantom and randomly get 1 from the list below Perfect Plus Scrip Perfect Doubleplus Scrip Platinum Hierogram Platinum Amulet Stone of Penetration Stone of Resilience Red-Eye Soul Stone Nu Wa’s Stone Xuan Yuan’s Stone Sarvanivarana Tablet Manjusri Tablet Avalokitesvara Tablet Divine […]

Cafe-stahan [October 10, 2015]

Cafe Name: Ipad 1 Address: 850 N. Reyes St., Sampaloc Manila   Phoenix Heroes Battle 3 versus 3 PVP Tournament Requirements: Minimum of 4 teams Team consists of 3 members Registration fee of 300 per team Mechanics Tournament will be Single Bracket Elimination Each team will be using their own accounts. No Class and Level limit. Teams will be assigned to a their stations by the Marshall. Facilitator will be […]

To Dye For…

To Dye For…   “White, Black or Red which one do you prefer?”     Event Mechanic The GM will vend the following dyes 100pcs of Ivory White Dye only for 15m each, 100pcs of Ebony Black Dye only for 10m each. 100pcs of Garnet Red Dye only for 10m each. Note: Since GM will only vend 100pcs. GM will not replenish the stock if 100pcs already been bought. The […]