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April Holiday Boost!

Enjoy the holiday season with your beloved Clan-mates and fellow Heroes with our special April Holiday Boost! Get the full schedule below.

Playpark All Stars: Perfect World PH Events!

Playpark All Stars is heading your way! Prove your skills against the very best in our tournaments for RAN Online, Cabal Online, Assault Fire, Perfect World and of course Audition. For all Heroes, there’s the PCW 2015 DYNASTY WARS! Of course, we’ve also got fun activities for everyone to enjoy! Perfect World PH Merchandise Available at the Playpark All Stars venues are the limited edition Perfect World PH Merchandise. Remember, […]

Perfect World PH Client Download

To begin your journey through the world of Pan Gu, meet your fellow Heroes and of course reach the pinnacle of greatness, get your copy of Perfect World PH now! You may download the full client of Perfect World PH through any of the links below. Also, join the discussion and be part of the community by following and joining our official social networking sites. Download your client: Pando Downloader […]

Patch Notes : Perfect World Ascension

It’s time to level up and ascend to the next level in Perfect World PH’s upcoming update – ASCENSION ! Here’s what’s coming your way in ASCENSION: Weapons Advance Transformation Yao Jing’s Pet Evolution Equipment Signature Service Windsong Valley Shuttle Upgraded Transaction Warning Couple Quest Exchange All New Clan Headquarters Updated Gold Conversion Advance Chi System New Bulletin Board Soul Stone Conversion Advance Soul Stone Crafting Perfect Relationship READ carefully […]

Phoenix Council Wars 2015

PCW 2015 Final 8 will consist of Three (3) Dynasty Warlords (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao), Three (3) Territorial Warlords, Two (2) Jade Warlords. These finalists will fight each other for the Phoenix Council Wars Champion at the grandest stage in Philippine gaming, Playpark All Stars.   SCHEDULE AND LOCATIONS Dynasty Wars (Ground Tournament) Mar 20-May 30 Territorial Wars (Online) Event duration – Mar 19-May 27 Scoring – Mar 27-May 29 Wild […]